About us 

The core business of Aiga Mounting is the installation of PV systems, both in the field and on the roof, from 5kWp to several MW's. In addition to the installation, we also provide project management. 

In addition to installation services, Aiga Mounting BV, as part of the APEG group, is active as a consultant in project development and technical solutions. 

Technicians are the lifeblood of any solar PV business. Without them, no system would have been installed. If they do a good, professional job and are satisfied, the installations are carried out in a way that would bring honor to the company and thus lead to high customer satisfaction. 

So the success of any installation and maintenance service is basically based on the quality of the personnel assigned to carry out the service mandate. They sometimes work in good weather but unfortunately often in rain, cold and wind. They start their day very early when the offices are still closed and come home late, driving past the closed offices. 

Contact us today to find out how our highly trained installers and maintenance technicians in the BENELUX can help you install or perform O&M on your solar PV system ... 

2008 - Aiga’s service team in Pohnpei Island - Pacifc
2008 - Aiga’s service team in Pohnpei Island - Pacifc

Aiga's Management Team

Peter Konings

Managing Director


Giorgos Kavvadias 

operational manager


Ester Konings

 Human Resources 


Jair Konings

Project leader E-engineering


Yafeth Konings

Project leader W-engineering


Tyrone Renguul 

Team leader and HVAC specialist


Asmara Konings

Marketing and Publicity (PR)


Setia Konings

Admin en Finance